Man Who Literally Wrote the Book on Running with the Bulls Was Gored by a Bull

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Bill Hillmann, a 32-year-old Chicago native who recently co-wrote the book, "Fiesta: How to Survive the Bulls of Pamplona," was gored Wednesday by a bull in Pamplona. He survived.

Hillmann was, of course, participating in the third day of running of the bulls, during the Festival of San Fermin in Pamplona. He was gored twice in the right thigh during one of the daily bull runs. While serious, Hillmann's wound was described by officials as not life threatening. Three other people were injured during the nine-day festival's opening days.

The injury happened when a black bull was separated from the main pack during the final stretch. Hillmann then tried to lure the half-ton bull away from less experienced runners using a rolled up newspaper, something that is common among seasoned veterans. Hillmann has participated in the festival for several years.

"He took it on and that's when it gored him," British matador, friend and book editor Alexander Fiske-Harrison told the Associated Press by phone on Wednesday. 

"He collided with another guy who was running in the opposite direction. Bill fell and as he did the bull gored his right leg," Michael Hemingway said in an interview. Hemingway's father, John, is one of several authors who co-wrote the book with Hillmann. And yes, they are related to Ernest Hemingway, who wrote the quintessential novel about bullfighting and Pamplona, The Sun Also Rises. (John is his grandson.)

Three Spanish citizens who were injured during the running are being treated in a hospital. One was gored in the chest on the same run as Hillmann.

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