Fuel Fire at Libya's Airport Completely 'Out of Control'

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As a number of countries deal with incidents involving airborne planes, Libya's biggest airport is closed and ablaze as militias vie for control of the capital. At least 97 people have died in the past week in the fighting. 

In the latest episode, a rocket hit a fuel depot at the airport, causing what the Libyan government is calling "humanitarian and environmental disaster." Reports suggest that 1.6 gallons of gasoline are on fire, with 23.7 million gallons in danger nearby. 

The government has called for international assistance in putting out the fire. However, as Reuters reported, international assistance does not seem to be the theme of the week in the country, which has failed to stabilize over three years after its dictator Muammar Gaddafi was toppled with NATO's help:

The Netherlands, the Philippines and Austria on Monday prepared to evacuate diplomatic staff. The United States, United Nations and Turkish embassies have already shut operations after the worst violence since the 2011 uprising.

As we noted on Saturday, the evacuation of the American embassy's 150-person staff in Tripoli came under the guard of two F-16 fighter jets, a bevy of unmanned drones, and the nearby presence of two warships. 

So long as the international community is standing idly by, enjoy some photos of the insane blaze currently engulfing Tripoli.


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