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There are reports of clashes between Palestinians and Israeli police following the discovery of a body of a Palestinian teenager, who was said to have been kidnapped and murdered in a possible revenge attack. 

Speaking of the development, Israeli police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld didn't confirm a link between the (likely) murder of 17-year-old Mohammad Abu Khdair and the discovery of the bodies of three kidnapped Israeli teenagers, who were found dead on Monday after an intense 18-day search.

We are concentrating on two things, whether the two incidents are related, and we're looking into whether this is a crime or nationalistic."

Just yesterday, a funeral was held for three murdered Israeli teenagers, whose deaths Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed on the terrorist group Hamas. The Israeli Air Force conducted a series of air strikes against "terrorist targets" in Gaza on Tuesday morning.

Ordinarily, this is where the news cycle stops. However, this latest development, which is being widely reported as a reprisal attack carried out by Israeli settlers, threatens to set a course for greater escalation.

As Reuters reported, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu quickly condemned the killing and told Israeli police "to swiftly investigate who was behind the loathsome murder and its motive." He also called on all sides "not to take the law into their own hands," but more specifically meant the suspected perpetrators.

In the meantime, the Times of Israel is reporting more violence in Israel and the Palestinian territories including clashes between Israeli police and stone-throwing Palestinian rioters in Jerusalem, Israeli mobs attacking Palestinians in Jerusalem, and the firing of three mortars from Gaza into southern Israel, presumably by Hamas.

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