Backstreet Boy Doesn't Know the Difference Between MH17 and Gaza

Backstreet is not back. 

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This might come as a shock, but the Backstreet Boys aren't exactly up to date on their current events. TMZ caught up the 90s heartthrobs in Malibu today, when they were originally scheduled to perform in Tel Aviv before the war broke out. A.J. McLean (who, disclosure, was my favorite Backstreet Boy at one point during the early oughts) then proceeded to lecture the TMZ reporter about the conflict in the Gaza...and Ukraine. Except he seemed to think it was all one event.

McLean was asked if he was disappointed about having to reschedule the Tel Aviv show, to which he replied, "We've got the most loyal fans down there, who have been waiting for years for us to come. It's a horrible thing going on down there and we're praying for both sides. You can't pick a side."

So far so good, A.J. the reporter then asked if the Boys made the decision to move the concert date because of politics or safety. "Safety, and all of us have families. Now, you can't even fly there. If they had kept the ceasefire, we may have still gone, but you just don't know and it's not really worth running that risk. But it sucks for all of our fans down there, but we will definitely be coming back next year."

Here's where he starts to stumble, "Women and children are dying and planes are being shot out of the sky. Violence doesn't help anything. But hopefully they can come to an agreement and see eye-to-eye. I'm just hoping that it ends sooner than later, before anyone else has to die."

Clearly, McLean was referring to the MH17 shooting. Considering business hasn't exactly been booming, you would think McLean has time to read the paper every day. Or at least check The Wire dot com.

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