Australia Sends Police Officers to Guard the MH17 Site

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Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has sent 50 police officers to London, with the goal of sending them to aid the Malaysian Air plane crash investigation. From London, they will be deployed to Ukraine to help secure the crash site as part of a proposed U.N. team. 

Abbott has been very outspoken about the incident thus far, and extremely critical of Russia, even moving to potentially blocking them from this fall's G-20 Leaders Summit, an important economic summit for the global community. Abbott has said he understands "there is potential for difficulty" in sending Australian officers into a rebel held war zone, however, securing the site is instrumental to the investigation.

"We are ready to deploy Australian police to Ukraine to help secure the site as part of an international team under United Nations authority," Abbott said. The team will be working primarily on helping to recover remains, then sending them to the Netherlands for identification. 

Abbott also confirmed that he personally spoke with both Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin about the crash site. While details of his conversation with Putin were not revealed, we can imagine it was a tense talk. 

Thus far, one plane of bodies has arrived in the Netherlands, with a second arriving today. 

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