Ukraine Ends Ceasefire; Promises to 'Attack'

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Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has decided not to an extend a unilateral ceasefire, promising that his country would "attack."

As Reuters noted earlier, the ceasefire hadn't really been working out to begin with: 

Since the ceasefire began on June 20, a total of 27 Ukrainian servicemen have been killed and 69 wounded, a statement tweeted by the foreign ministry said.

But the decision not to pursue the ceasefire didn't come easily. Early today, Poroshenko met with a "contact group" that included separatist leaders, former Ukrainian politicians, the Russian ambassador to Ukraine and some European advisers. 

Ahead of the meeting, Ukraine's prosecutor-general Vitaly Yarema summed up the mood best: "We have to end this and clean our territory of terrorists and give people the chance of living in a normal country."

Here's what the past few months have looked like up until last week when Ukraine finally signed its economic agreement with the EU:

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