Let's Watch Rare Footage of the World's Fastest Whale Jumping for Joy

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Last month in the Strait of Gibraltar, a fin whale was caught on camera by a researchers. The rare sighting gave delighted onlookers the chance see the whale, one of the biggest and fastest in the world, flying through the air in a spectacular show.

Fin whales are quite rare and it's very unusual to see one in their natural habitat, let alone having a personal dance party. The fin whale breached the water three times (that means it jumped out of the water then dived back in, kinda like whale dancing.) Three times!

Fin whales are the second-largest whale in the world (blue whales are first.) They weight about 80 tons, yet are also one of the fastest whales in the world. Their cruising speed is 23 miles per hour, but they can sprint to 29 MPH. That means it takes a lot of effort to jump out of the water and dive back in, over and over, at 80 tons. Because of their incredible jumps, they have been called the "greyhounds of the deep." 

The video was taken by Serena, a research assistant at CIRCE, a Spanish conservation group. It was not only a boon for whale watchers, but it gave big boost for CIRCE,  works to study and preserve "the marine environment in the area of the Iberian Peninsula." They're actually taking applicants for research assistants now, and it seems like a pretty awesome gig.  

Check out the fin whale in action:

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