Iraqi TV Is Airing This Bizarre PSA to Try and Turn Citizens Against ISIS

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The Iraqi government, which has been vehemently criticized for failing to fend off ISIS militants, has apparently tried to ramp up anti-ISIS sentiment using this very creepy television commercial: 

The ad shows an ISIS militant, depicted as some sort of deranged snake charmer, examining (communing with?) snakes in a cave. When Iraqi guards enter the hovel he is smitten by light.

The commercial was uploaded to YouTube last week, which suggests that perhaps the ad was being used before ISIS's assault on the country reached full speed, a time when members of the country's Sunni minority could have been more inclined to support the group. Or maybe when they were more inclined to believe that the Iraqi army was capable of fighting back and protecting citizens from the murderous group. 

According to the Wall Street Journal,  Al-Iraqiya TV (which has been showing the ad) is currently airing tons of pro-military and government propaganda. It remains to be seen if anyone is buying it.

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