Today In World Cup Prognosticating Animals: This Soccer-Playing German Elephant

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Move over Paul the Octopus and baby panda predictors, Nelly the Elephant would like to place her bets for World Cup 2014. 

Nelly the Elephant (which happens to be my favorite non-sea-based animal) has gone 30 for 33 in her picks for the 2006 Women's World Cup, the 2010 World Cup and Euro 2012. By comparison, Paul the Octopus went 11 for 13 during the last World Cup and Euro 2008. Then he died. While Paul's passing is sad (I never like to see a sea creature go), it will give Nelly her time to shine. 

Nelly's strategy is simple: she kicks a ball into one of two nets. Each net has a flag on it, representing the two nations for a specific match. For World Cup 2014, Nelly believes Germany will advance from its group by tying Portugal, then beating the United States and Ghana. 

Watch Nelly score some goals and predict some wins here:

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