Somehow Vladimir Putin Scores Six Goals in an Amateur Hockey Game

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You'll be shocked to know that Russian President Vladimir Putin led his team to victory in an exhibition hockey game in Sochi last night. Putin scored six goals and five assists in a 21-4 rout.

The match wasn't entirely devoid of the Ukrainian crisis context. Before the game there was a moment of silence for pro-Russian separatists killed the day in the town of Mariupol. But then Putin hit the ice.

Here was the Russian ITAR-TASS news agency's lede for the story:

President Vladimir Putin is in excellent shape and can play hockey quite well for an amateur, Russian ice hockey star Pavel Bure said after the final game of the Night Hockey League (NHL) among amateur teams in Sochi on Saturday, May 10.

Add this to Putin's long and incomprehensible list of sports-related accolades including judo, fly-fishing, bear-wrestling, deep sea diving, semi-buff horseback riding, and Crimea-swiping.

The game was part a hockey festival for the Night Hockey League, an amateur league that allows Russian hockey players who work during the day an opportunity to place some night hockey.

Check out the highlights of the game. You'll notice it's pretty easy to score a double hat trick when you're not really being defended.



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