Pro-Russian Mobs Swarm the Odessa Police Headquarters

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Two days after deadly clashes and a fire at a seized building in Odessa, pro-Russian protestors attacked the police headquarters in Odessa, freeing separatists who had been detained or arrested.  

The initially peaceful rally turned violent as protesters - some wearing masks and carrying improvised weapons - broke windows and forced the gates. Several detained protesters were released by the police. There were chants of "Russia, Russia" from the crowds.

Friday's violence, which killed nearly 50 people in Odessa, was the deadliest day since Ukraine's post-Moscow President Viktor Yanukovych fled from office.

It's been reported that as many as 30 pro-Russian detainees were freed. Acting Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk pointed the finger at not only local police, but also Russia, which he said is orchestrating "real war" against Ukraine.

Elsewhere in Ukraine, there was this development:

Police in the eastern port of Mariupol said pro-Russian rebels had tricked soldiers at a checkpoint into eating food laced with a sleeping potion. The soldiers were then bundled off along with their weapons, prompting long talks to free them." 

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