Old Man Netanyahu Says You're All 'Slaves' to Selfies

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Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister and confirmed old person, thinks we're "slaves" to our technology. In this video uploaded to YouTube on Thursday, we see Netanyahu sitting for a photo shoot last week, as he regales nearby staffers with his opinions on photography, society, and presumably, the youth. The Times of Israel says he "waxed nostalgic, lamenting in a Louis C.K.-esque manner." Which, sure, why not?

Mostly Bibi wonders why we take so many damn selfies. “What do you do get out of all these pictures?” he asks the cameraman, who says it's for behind the scenes footage. "Boring," Bibi says. Bibi argues people take too many pictures and forget to experience life, man. They need to live, L-I-V-E. “When do they have time to live? They’re taking pictures all the time," he asks the two unseen voices on the video. 

Bibi switches to English for his final point. "I'm the only person here without these electronic devices, and I'm a free man. You're all slaves," he says. "Slaves to your electronic devices." In other news... 

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