North Korea Attempts Daring PR Strategy of Calling South Korea’s President a ‘Prostitute’

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Last week, South Korean and American authorities accused North Korea of sending drones into South Korean airspace to surveil military facilities. North Korea denied any involvement, but over the weekend, they got more colorful with their language and let everyone know what they really thought.

According to Reuters, a spokesman for the North Korean military referred to South Korean president Park Geun-hye as a “political prostitute,” though this was not the North’s first time referencing Park with such a descriptor. In recent weeks, both Park and President Obama have been on the receiving end of sexist and racist attacks from North Korean media.

The spokesman continued with an odd metaphor for the Washington-South Korea relationship, saying:

If Washington pays heed only to what its stooges trumpet, it is bound to be accused of being a senile grandfather trying to stop a child from crying.

It’s not really clear exactly what that means? The United States is old? Maybe they’re saying that South Korea is whiny? There’s a sick burn in here somewhere.

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