New Baby Dolphin Brings a Little 'Peace' to Ukraine

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While Ukraine has had more than its share of bad news lately, the Associated Press reported a bit of happiness today. Ukraine has a new baby dolphin, named Mir —which means "Peace" in both Russian and Ukrainian.

The Nemo Dolphinarium in the east Ukrainian city of Donetsk said the dolphin was born on May Day. His birthdate inspired dolphin trainer Olga Nenko to name him after the Soviet slogan, "Peace. Work. May." Nenko said the name was also inspired by the unrest in Donetsk, where pro-Russian insurgents have seizing government properties and battling in the streets. She hopes the name will soon reflect the state of the city. While the sentiment is nice, we do wish the dolphin were named after a Ukrainian slogan, rather than a Soviet one. 

Unfortunately, the unrest in the city also affected Mir's first public dolphin performance. Only a few people could make it to his appearance swimming along side his parents on Tuesday afternoon.

Check out Mir's first public swim. (All photos via AP Photo/Evgeniy Maloletka for the Associated Press.)


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