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Toronto half-mayor Rob Ford was a little too excited about the celebrations on April 20 this year and now he has to find a new home for 10,000 easter eggs. 

Ford (since he has no other official duties these days) planned to attend the annual Easter Parade in Toronto's Beaches neighbourhood, organized by the Beaches Lion Club, as he does every year. But this morning, parade organizers announced this year's parade would be a "political-free zone," to keep out the many candidates vying for the city's highest office who would naturally turn the whole thing into a giant rally. 

Parade director Keith Begley told one local news outlet the Lions Club informed mayoral candidates of the decision last week, ahead of today's official announcement. 

Ford apparently didn't get the memo. He told reporters assembled at City Hall on Tuesday that he learned about the politician ban on the news this morning, and now he has no idea what to do with the 10,000 easter eggs he already purchased and hoped to distribute at the parade

The mayor sounded legitimately disappointed and upset that he could not attend what he called "the biggest Easter parade in the city." “What can you do?” Ford asked the reporters present. “If they don’t want us there, they don’t want us there. I respect their decision.” Ultimately, Ford was at peace with the organizer's decision, though. “I understand what they are doing,” he said. “I gotta see if they want my eggs.” 

You can watch Sad Ford talking about his eggs here: 

Mayor Rob Ford and 10,000 Easter eggs from Don Peat on Vimeo.

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