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Afghans voted in historic elections today, the first democratic transfer of power in the country since the fall of the Taliban.

Despite threats of violence and bad weather in some areas, turnout was good. There were long lines of men and women, causing voting to be extended by an hour to make sure everyone got in. While most votes took place without incident, there was a roadside bomb that killed two policemen in Qalat and an explosion at a polling station in Logar that wounded four, according to Reuters. The New York Times said the bomb killed two and wounded two.

"Rather than the widespread disruption that the Taliban had promised in recent months," the New York Times said, "the thing most on display was determination."

Women in Kabul wait in line to vote. (Reuters)
Men in Kabul wait in line to vote. (Reuters)
Lines in Herat. (AP)
An election worker in Jalalabad prepares a ballot. (AP)
Voters in Adraskan make their choices. (Reuters)
Voting in Mazar-i-sharif. (Reuters)
Casting ballots in Kabul. (AP)
Voting in Jalalabad. (AP)
Voters' fingers are dipped in ink to prevent multiple votes. This also makes voters easier for insurgents to identify. (AP)
Outgoing president Hamid Karzai voted at a local high school. (AP)
Officials in Kabul count votes. (Reuters)


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