Ukraine Orders the Removal of Its Military from Crimea

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After Russia seized three Crimean military bases within 48 hours, officials in Kiev are waving the white flag, ordering their own troops (and their families) to leave Crimea in the interest of avoiding violence. 

Ukraine's interim President Oleksandr Turchynov explained the move in a statement

The national security and defense council has reached a decision, under instructions from the defense ministry, to conduct a redeployment of military units stationed in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.The cabinet of ministers has instructions to resettle the families of soldiers as well as everyone else who today is forced to leave their homes under the pressure and aggression of the Russian army's occupying forces.

Although, the Russian forces occupying the peninsula have become more aggressive, things are largely the same in the region, with the EU and U.S. issuing harsh words and criticism against Russia for annexing Crimea. So far, neither of these has stopped Russian President Vladimir Putin from moving forwards with his plans. The Kremlin, for instance, is currently discussing how best to economically integrate Crimea into the region, among other things. 

President Barack Obama arrived in the Netherlands today for a nuclear summit in The Hague, where EU and U.S. officials will also discuss, once again, how to handle the situation in Crimea. 

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