Viral Toronto Mayoral Campaign Advocates for Anyone Not Named Rob Ford

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A trio of anti-Rob Ford election signs appeared in Toronto on Monday morning, and they are hilarious. But, adding an extra layer of strange to the strangest municipal election in North America, the signs are not tied to any opposing candidate, but seem to be focused on putting anyone into office who isn't named Rob Ford.

The three signs, posted in downtown Toronto's Trinity Bellwoods Park, do not specifically endorse any of the candidates running against Ford. They simply advocate you vote for anyone but the incumbent half-mayor. The group responsible for the ads also set up, a website this is an argument against Ford. The site, started by a not for profit group, distributes an equal amount of information about those hoping to replace him while debunking the mayor's favorite campaign lies.

Ford lies so frequently that some of the local Toronto papers have been live-factchecking the debates, of which there have already been two, for the municipal election that is still seven months away. The first debate was a complete train wreck. Ford was seen as the winner in both, even though He also lied more than any other candidate. (Jimmy Kimmel loved it, at least.)

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The signs have been quite popular Monday morning. Everyone from Toronto residents to Slate's Dave Weigel to Esquire have professed their love for the signs. Oh, you haven't seen them yet? Well, here they are: 

Unfortunately, as you may have guessed by now, none of these candidates are real. They are fictional and yet somehow no less believable than Ford, who is real and still in office. The group behind the signs and, Rethink, does not have any connection to the mayoral race. The only obvious connection to Toronto is an office in the city's downtown core.

The signs are undeniably hilarious, but they are far from perfect. They serve no purpose beyond potentially dividing an already split electorate. If the anti-Ford factions splits too widely, the portly drunk will win yet another term and the nightmare will never end. 

Of course, that is, if Ford makes it to election day without police arresting him for his role in the crack tape scandal that made him famous. Rumors around the city of an imminent perp walk for the half-mayor have circulated with increasing fervor over the last week, despite no confirmed evidence that we will face charges. We'll have to wait and see how that turns out, but for now let's just giggle at these signs. 

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