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With tensions between the rest of the world and Russia rising, Moscow successfully test-fired an intercontinental ballistic missile today. 

Russia's defense ministry told state-controlled media outlet RIA Novostri that the country test-fired a RS-12M Topol missile from Russia's Astrakhan region, which borders the Caspian Sea, to a proving ground in Kazakhstan on Tuesday. The dummy warhead apparently successfully reached its target. How far the missile traveled remains unclear. U.S. officials were informed of the scheduled missile test in advance, per international regulations, and before the situation in Crimea escalated, according to CNN and Reuters

The missile test could not come at a worse time for Russia, who will look like they're clearly trying to show strength in the growing face of a unified world against its mini-invasion in Ukraine. Russia deployed troops in Crimea, heightening tensions between the two countries, and in turn tensions between the rest of the world and Russia. The countries that make up the G8, which usually includes Russia, released a unified statement against the country's decision to send troops to Ukraine. Vladimir Putin ruled out any real military action Tuesday morning while also not taking it off the table, either. 

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