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One day after France announced it had satellite images showing 122 objects that could be related to Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, Thailand added that it, too, has satellite images that could be helpful to the search, with theirs showing some 300 objects floating in the Indian Ocean.

The Thai images were taken one day after the French ones, and capture an area about 120 miles west of where the 122 objects were seen. The items depicted in the new photos are relatively small, measuring somewhere between from 6.5 and 52 feet, while the ones shown by France measured up to 75 feet. According to The Nation, Thai officials have handed the information revealed by its first commercial earth-observation site, Thaichote, over to Malaysia as the search continues.  

As usual, officials have said they can't confirm whether the satellites are showing debris from the plane. “We hope that these images will be useful," said Anond Snidvongs, executive director of Thailand’s Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency, adding "We have been taking hundreds of satellite images from everywhere from day one, including the Gulf of Thailand, south of Vietnam, the Malacca Strait, and so on.”

None of the objects have been located by humans so far, and Australia called for airplanes searching for traces of MH370 to return early today due to bad weather, though ships will continue to look. Conditions should improve tomorrow and Saturday. 

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