Larry King Is Fine With His RT America Show

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RT America may have anchors quitting on live TV and denouncing their take on the Ukraine invasion, but one of its most famous contributors says he has no plans to stop airing his shows on the channel.

Larry King has drawn some criticism for continuing to work with a channel funded by the Russian government. He has two shows on the network: Larry King Now and Politicking. Both are licensed to RT from Ora TV, so King doesn't work directly for RT, although The New York Times has reported that RT "hired" King (the article also quoted King saying he "got along with Putin very well" and "liked him very much"). And RT's ads for King when his deal was first announced last year suggest that he's more involved with the channel than a simple licensing deal:

BuzzFeed's Dorsey Shaw asked King for his thoughts on Ukraine, Putin, RT anchor Liz Wahl's on-air resignation and whether or not RT was going to air King's interview with the Dalai Lama.

King didn't respond to him, but he did give Daily Beast's Lloyd Grove an "exclusive interview" in which he distanced himself from RT by pointing out that Ora TV simply licenses his shows to the channel. King said he was fine with RT as long as it didn't edit his shows, and that "to [his] knowledge," it hadn't. In tonight's episode of Politicking, for example, two of his guests criticized Putin's actions.

"As long as they're carrying stuff critical of them, I've got no problem with it," King said.

So breathe easy, America. The Ukraine invasion will not cause beloved TV legend Larry King to leave our airwaves.

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