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North Korea held its "elections" this weekend, the first time the nation has "voted" since Kim Jong-un became its supreme leader (because his father died, not because he was voted into office). While this is Kim's first election, chances are pretty good he's going to win a second term, since his is the only name that appears on the ballot and a "no" vote or not voting at all would probably get you and your relatives killed.

Here are photos of North Koreans participating in the mandatory and meaningless process:

Lines out the door at a polling station. The sign on the left read: "March 9 is the Supreme People's Assembly's Deputies Election Day. Everyone, let's give assenting votes!" The "or else" is implied. (AP)


A woman receives her ballot. (AP)


Another woman getting her ballot. (Reuters / Kyodo)


Kim Jong-un arrives at the Kim Il-sung University of Politics to cast his vote. He seems pretty confident that he'll win! (Reuters / KCNA)


Kim Jong-un votes. (Reuters / KCNA)


Elections can be fun! A woman sings outside a polling station. (AP)


There are also dancers. (AP) 

In the last elections, five years ago, 99 percent of the population voted. All of them were in favor of the one candidate on the ballot. It seems that the country did even better this year, already reporting a "perfect turnout."

North Korea celebrated International Women's Day yesterday.


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