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With two days to go before the competition begins in Russia, we thought you might like an update on the weather situation for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Current Temperature: 45°F (High of 50°)
Chance of snow: 0 percent

Sochi, site of this year's Winter Olympics is a balmy 45°F this morning, right on par with Atlanta, Georgia, and about 20 degrees or so warmer than New York City, and most of the Northeast U.S.

Much has been made of the International Olympic Committee's decision to make Sochi, a popular Russian summer destination, the site for this year's Winter Olympics. We've been told for years that Sochi's is probably going to be the warmest Winter Olympics we've ever seen. Now the seeing is believing ... or something.  

Journalists are starting file into the city and supplying us with pictures, and well, it just didn't look like "winter" (very cold) over in the Olympic village. 

And judging by the forecast for Sochi this week, it isn't going to get any more wintery: 


That's a lot warmer than New York City at the moment:


And the forecast and temperature in Sochi is almost in line with Atlanta this morning:


Granted, Sochi won't be as warm as Atlanta tomorrow, but the rest of the days are pretty similar give or take cloud cover. 

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