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American Freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy will take home a silver medal from the Sochi games. Also, probably some puppies. Armfuls of adorable puppies. A couple of days after the athlete made the entire Internet "awwwww" by posting photos of himself posing with the litter of insanely friendly-looking baby animals, he announced that he's working on a way to bring them — and their mother — back to the States. 


According to the Associated Press, Kenworthy arranged the necessary transportation and vaccinations to get the dogs back to the U.S. on Thursday, and some of his family members have already offered to adopt. He'll keep at least one all to himself, however. 

Bringing dogs into the U.S. can be complicated, depending on their age, health, and vaccination history. Dogs over three months of age must be vaccinated at least 30 days before gaining entry into the U.S. (We'll assume Kenworthy's wild litter have no vaccinations.) Younger puppies have to be confined until they're old enough to get a rabies vaccination, and then held 30 days more to allow it to take effect. Customs can also deny entry to dogs who appear to have infectious diseases that can be passed on to humans. 

It's possible, though not super easy, to adopt a Sochi puppy from here in the States. The Humane Society gave ABC some recommendations of shelters to work with, for those who aren't good enough at sports to earn a free trip to Russia.

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