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While D.C. and Taiwan were busy fighting over whose brand new panda was the most adorable yesterday, Canada brought in a veteran presence to usurp both countries and claim the title of January's cutest panda. 

This is Da Mao, the Toronto Zoo's five year old panda. Toronto got some fresh snow over the last few days, but Mao only moved to the Toronto Zoo last March. So, really, this is one of the first times Mao has encountered snow. He seems to like it. 

An intrepid zoo worker recorded a video of Mao as he investigated the strange white stuff under his paws. He quickly decided that rolling around in the snow was the best course of action. Yes, it is deathly cold outside, but that's all the more reason you should watch this video fourteen more times before lunch. You're not getting work done in this weather anyway. 

If we may be so bold, Da Mao has both D.C.'s Bao Bao and Taiwan's Yuan Zai beat in the cute department. Those babies are cute enough, sure, but Da Mao has the experience and wisdom to deliver his cuteness in perfect intervals. He waits, poses, waits again, and then goes for the snow-y tumble. Da Mao knows the way. 




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