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A North Korean official recently clarified how exactly Kim Jong-un's uncle was killed and no, it was not by being fed to a pack of hungry dogs. The execution was much more "civilized" than that. 

We know Kim, Jang Song Thaek, a former mentor and vice-chairman of the National Defense Commission, publicly shamed and executed in embarrassing fashion. But the question of how, exactly, Song Thaek was killed arose after numerous rumors, including being killed by an artillery shell, and thrown into a cage of starving dogs. Those were eventually proven incorrect.

The truth is (most likely) that Song Thaek was killed by a firing squad. "According to the laws by the criminal court he was sentenced to death. Well, he was shot to death," Hyun Hak-bong, North Korea's ambassador to the U.K., recently told SkyNews. Kak-bong also said Song Thaek had repeatedly broken North Korean laws and had been pardoned in the past. But this time his indiscretions proved too much for the government to overlook. "He spent 4.6 million euro in 2009 alone. He made tremendous crimes against the government, against the people, against the country," he said"Actually our party pardoned him on several occasions when he made wrong-doings in the past, but this time his crimes is beyond the level, is beyond the red line."

The North Korean diplomat also addressed rumors that Song Thaek's entire family was wiped out in the purge, including Kim Jong-Un's aunt, who is related to the supreme leader by blood. At first, he dismisses the accusations as ludicrous until he admits he doesn't know the answer. "This is the political propaganda by our enemies," he said. "I think that this fabricated report does not deserve my comment. I know he was punished but if his family were punished or not, I don't know."

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