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Nearly seven weeks after Iran and six world powers agreed on an interim nuclear deal, a date for the implementation has finally been set for the end of January. After some wrangling over the final details of the agreement, the Iranian Foreign Ministry and the European Union just announced that the nuclear deal would go into effect on January 20. 

"Senior officials from the European Union and Iran met in Geneva on Thursday and Friday to iron out remaining practical questions related to the implementation of the November 24 deal, under which Iran agreed to curb its most sensitive nuclear work in return for some relief from Western economic sanctions."

The process was not without its wrinkles. Last month, the Iranian delegation bolted the negotiations over the implementation of the nuclear deal in Vienna after the United States Treasury blacklisted several companies and individuals for helping Iran evade the international sanctions against it. Also, earlier this week, it was reported that Ayatollah Khamenei, who has the final say in all of Iran's policy matters, launched into a tirade against the American-led sanctions effort noting that “the hostility of America toward Iran, Iranians and Islam had become clear to everyone.”

While the application of the nuclear deal never seemed to be in peril, it still has its detractors, especially in Israel and Saudi Arabia. With the interim deal now set to begin on January 20, the parties will have six months to negotiate a more permanent settlement before the deal expires. 

Meanwhile, just days ago, Congress and the White House were still locked in a heated battle over legislation that would impose new sanctions on Iran. The bill has wide support in the House and is now approaching a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. Today, President Obama vowed to veto any sanctions bill put forth while negotiations are underway. 


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