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A disgruntled farmer who wishes French President Francois Hollande would leave office parked a large truck in front of the French National Assembly and dropped off an unholy load of turd. 

The AFP reports police arrested the man driving the truck, which said "Out with Holland and the whole political class, long live the Sixth Republic" on the side. Reuters reports the arrest occurred before the anonymous man could finish dumping his horse manure on the steps of the Bourbon Palace, which is not, in fact, a wonderful building for drinking spirits made in Kentucky. Bourbon Palace is a building on the edge of the Seine river in downtown Paris where the lower house of parliament operates. Clean-up crews eventually arrived to dispose of the misplaced dung. 

What exactly Hollande did to annoy this political poop warrior is unclear. His message referred to French political history — the country is presently operating as the Fifth Republic, started by Charles de Gaulle in 1958. Maybe he is going to plan the first revolpooption. But his grudge against Hollande could have been sparked by a number of smaller things Hollande has done since taking office, like his 75 percent tax on millionaires, or his recently-revealed alleged affair with a much younger woman. Horse poop has no connection to either scandal, so it was probably a general message rather than a coded one. "Hollande, you're crap, please leave," is what he was trying to get across. 

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