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German Chancellor Angela Merkel suffered a skiing injury while on vacation in Switzerland, according to spokesman Steffen Seibert, and has cancelled several meetings scheduled over the next three weeks, including a trip to Poland and meeting with the prime minister of Luxembourg. 

According to Seibert, Merkel sustained an incomplete bone fracture in her pelvis and was severely bruised while cross-country skiing. She has been advised to lie down as much as possible, although she can walk with the help of crutches. Merkel was checked for what she thought was just bruising on Friday when doctors reached the diagnosis. She is working from home today, but if she's anything like us, she'll spend the day mostly trying to drink coffee in bed while watching as many new Netflix movies as possible.

Seibert assured the press that "the chancellor is of course able to work and is in full communication," adding that Merkel was going "at a low speed" when the injury occurred. She will still lead Wednesday's German cabinet meeting, the first time Merkel's "grand coalition" of conservative and Social Democratic ministers will meet. Merkel formed the group when she was reelected to the position of Chancellor late last year. 

Last month, another famous German, racing legend Michael Schumacher, was seriously hurt while skiing in the French Alps. Schumaker was skiing with his son when he fell, hitting his head and breaking his helmet on a rock. He is being kept in a medically-induced coma and remains in critical (but stable) condition. 

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