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Avunculicidal Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un marked the second anniversary of his father's death (and his own ascension to power) today, along with his wife and North Korea's top officials (the ones who haven't been executed, anyway).

Missing from the service? His aunt, the newly widowed Kim Kyong Hui. Uh oh.

Though reports indicate that Kyong Hui did not befall the same fate of her purged and executed husband Jang Song Thaek -- and may have even gotten a promotion out of the whole deal -- she was expected to attend the memorial service today.

She didn't, and so far, North Korean state media has provided no explanation for her absence.

Nor does she appear in the official photograph of the event.

There has been speculation that Kyong Hui is in poor health, so maybe she just wasn't feeling up to it. And her name still appears in state media reports, which is a good sign, not-being-purged-wise.

On the other hand, a December 6 article in the Telegraph suggested that Kim Jong Un was "preparing to purge his aunt" and put his sister, Kim Yo Jong, in her place.


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