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On Tuesday, a failed no-confidence vote in the Ukrainian parliament did little to dispel protesters who have flooded the capital of Kiev, angry over a refused trade deal with the European Union. The protesters continued to call for the president's resignation and other members of the government.

From The New York Times:

In response to Parliament’s refusal to act, demonstrators — who have already blockaded the Cabinet of Ministers building and seized City Hall — said they intended to close off access to the headquarters of the presidential administration, which is heavily guarded by riot police officers. They also plan to try to cordon off Parliament in a bid to paralyze the legislative and executive branches of government.

By the time Tuesday night rolled around the barricades protesters had set up around the square, and in a move only doable in a climate similar to Ukraine's, they iced areas around their makeshift base in an attempt to make police raids on foot less viable. The protesters currently control the Trade Unions building and City Hall as well.

Secretary of State John Kerry said on Tuesday, "We urge the Ukrainian government to listen to the voices of its people who want to live in freedom and in opportunity and prosperity." Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich is expected to be in China through Friday trying to lure loans and investors to his country.

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