For The New York Times, A 'Groundbreaking' Story Can Wait Until After Homeland

Update: The Las Vegas Sun scooped the New York Times on its own story, with its own story.

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New York Times political editor Carolyn Ryan was so excited about an upcoming article that she couldn't help but tweet-brag about it to her nearly 7,000 followers:

Whoa, that sounds like a pretty big deal.

The New York Times has a pretty good track record when it comes to producing groundbreaking stuff, so you can imagine that people were excited. What was it? When would it go up?? HOW WOULD OUR WORLD CHANGE???

Here comes the hashtag mockery:

I hope for the sake of whoever wrote that story that it lives up to Ryan's proclamations and then some. "Stay tuned."

Update, 9:20 pm ET:

Update, 11:08 pm ET:

If you don't want to wait for NYT to get around to putting the article up, what is very likely to be it is up now on the Las Vegas Sun, via the New York Times wire service. BuzzFeed's Andrew Kaczynski discovered it, of course.

It's about homeless children in New York City.

Update, December 9 12:05 am ET:

Hope you got a chance to read the story, because Las Vegas Sun just pulled it. It's very sorry for breaking the embargo. From its Facebook:

Due to a technical problem, the Las Vegas Sun prematurely published a New York Times News Service story Sunday on the Sun’s website. The problem occurred when a new wire feed that the Sun implemented last week failed to recognize that the story was embargoed for publication at a later time. The Sun has pulled the story from its site and apologizes for this inadvertent error. Sun staff members are working on the feed to ensure similar problems do not occur in the future.

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