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Despite reports of a brutal purge in which Kim Jong Un ordered the execution of his own uncle (and now possibly his aunt as well), Dennis Rodman is still planning on making a return trip to the isolated North Korea.

The former Chicago Bull is currently on a trip sponsored by an Irish online betting company. Rodman landed in Beijing on Tuesday and is scheduled to head to the DPRK on Thursday alongside a film crew. This will be his third trip to the country, following a trip alongside Vice documentarians last winter and another sojourn in early September.

The former cast member of Celebrity Mole: Yucatán is supposedly a BFFaeae of the ruthless dictator—Kim is apparently a fan of Rodman's—and the two were spotted just havin' a good time, goofin' around at a basketball game. The slightly uninformed toned of Rodman's first visit drew criticism from many, and his bragging about Kim's "seven-star" lifestyle certainly lends credence to Rodman's willful ignorance of North Korean life outside Kim Jong Un's bubble.

Rodman will apparently be going to train the country's basketball team. Dennis Rodman: finger-rolling for peace.

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