New Video Emerges of Rob Ford Acting Very Strangely

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Yet another video has emerged that threatens to embarrass Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, but given the subject matter of his previous work, this one may end up being more amusing than scandalous. In the video, posted by The Toronto Star on Thursday, an agitated and excitable Ford appears to be angry at an unidentified person, who he apparently wants to fight. While the context of the video is totally unclear, Ford suggests he needs "15 minutes" alone with the person, "no holds barred," saying “I’m gonna kill that fucking guy. I’m telling you, it’s first-degree murder... he dies or die," adding later, "I need f---ing 10 minutes to make sure he's dead."

The Toronto Sun initially published only a five-second clip taken from the longer video, that appears to show Ford engaged in angry rant in someone's living room. The Sun said that the clip was provided to them by a third party attempting to sell them the entire clip, allegedly shot on a cell phone. Sun reporter Joe Warmington says his paper did not buy it, but he was told by the seller that another media company had "agreed to obtain the video." It appears that company is The Star, which published the full one-minute video shortly thereafter.

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Since the clip is so brief, and provide without any context, it's tough to know what's really behind the rant. Perhaps he's just joking with friends, or blowing off steam, or is referencing who knows what? (Maybe he actually wants to fight Mike Tyson?) However, it's pretty clear that he is in another one of his infamous "drunken stupors."

"A source close to the mayor" told The Sun that "'looks a lot worse than it really is' since 'he sometimes goes off on tangents' and a few minutes later everything is fine."

We'll give Ford the benefit of the doubt and say that this not evidence of a plot to commit actual murder. A man on angry tirade in a private space, isn't all that unusual. But whatever the story behind this video may be, if an admission to smoking crack cocaine wasn't enough to drive Ford from office, it's hard to imagine this will do it. Even if does produce some amusing .gifs

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