Rob Ford's Rough Day: A GIF Guide

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At a special city council meeting called to debate striping most of his remaining power, Rob Ford mimicked one fellow city councillor over past drunk driving accusations and tackled another. Ice Cube would agree today was not a good day for Toronto mayor Rob Ford. 

Ford attended Monday's special meeting to defend himself against the overwhelming majority of city councillors expected to leave Ford with the bare minimum of power allowed by city law, a deeply cut budget and staff, effectively rendering him a lame-duck mayor. Around lunchtime, the meeting first showed signs of descending into the very personal, violent chaos that could come later. Ford was engaging with city councillor Paul Ainslie, a former Ford ally who received a warning and had his license suspended for three days after a routine highway check, and decided to mock his old friend's embarrassing moment: 

Last week, after statements given to police from former Ford staffers accused the mayor of drinking and driving regularly, Ford admitted he "might have had a few drinks and driven," without specifying a time or place this occurred. 

Late Monday afternoon, the meeting took an odd turn. The Ford brothers, Rob and Doug, loyal to the end, had spent their day shouting at city councillors. At one point Ford instructed his bodyguard to film certain people in the public seating area. A recess was called after a particularly heated exchange led to Ford charging across city council chambers and running into councillor Pam McConnell: 

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"Oh my God, he attacked somebody!" a CBC announcer said on the broadcast

During the recess, the Fords started yelling at the public gallery, with both sides calling each other "scum," punks," and "thugs." In this footage, Ford look like a mid-card wrestling villain shouting at a local crowd for cheap heat. 

For what it's worth, McConnell allegedly has a fat lip after colliding with Ford. As the National Post's Bruce Arthur put it on Twitter, this is just another day at Toronto city hall.

Update, 5:40 p.m. As predicted, council voted to strip Ford of his remaining powers and give them to deputy mayor Norm Kelly, who is now the most powerful politician at city hall. Read more about Kelly here. Kelly is far from perfect, but at least he doesn't smoke crack. 

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