Rob Ford Wants to Ru(i)n Canada

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The crack-smoking, hard drinking, drunk-driving, allegedly pill-popping, allegedly coke-snorting, allegedly hooker-cavorting Toronto mayor, Rob Ford, has dreams of one day running his great country straight into the ground. 

Ford is already looking to the future, despite a fight at city hall over his last remaining mayoral powers, if interviews given over the last 24 hours are any indication. "Yes, one day I do want to run for prime minister," Ford told Fox News' John Roberts, a Toronto native and member of the Canadian Broadcasting Hall of Fame, on Sunday evening. (Ford's up for reelection next year.) His brother, fellow municipal counsellor Doug Ford, hinted at a possible federal campaign slogan to CNN. "[Rob's] a HUGE, MASSIVE social liberal. He LOVES Obama," Ford told CNN's Bill Weir. "The headlines of the papers when he won? 'The White Obama.'"

Of course that claim could not be further from the truth. National Post columnist Andrew Coyne, regarded within the snowy kingdom as one of their leading voices, challenged Twitter to find any paper comparing Ford to Obama, offering a "hint of crack" as reward. In truth, Ford is more often compared to the vaguely racist, socially and fiscally conservative stylings of the American Tea Party than the president. 

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Ford spent his weekend eating at an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet Saturday night, and enjoying a Canadian Football League playoff game Sunday afternoon. Saturday was a night off for the stressed politician, who is working on his diet, and he spent it enjoying one of his favorite cuisines. Mandarin, the buffet where Ford was spotted, is a regular Ford hangout; he even hosted a fundraiser there during his mayoral campaign. At the football game he received a hero's welcome

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