Rob Ford Can't Stop Calling the Cops on Reporters

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Reporters have followed Rob Ford's every move since the alleged crack cocaine video was first reported months ago, so you would think he'd be used to it by now. As the crack scandal sparked up again, more reporters hopped on his trail and the mayor sought relief from the cops.

Of course, the reporters weren't doing anything illegal so Ford's efforts were fruitless. But it's still amusing that the mayor called on the same police force that possesses the alleged crack video to save him from reporters hoping for a comment on the alleged crack video. 

Two days in a row, Ford called the cops to complain about reporters tailing him. On Friday Ford pulled into the Peel Regional Police station in Mississauga to file a complaint against Toronto Sun photographer Craig Robertson. On Saturday, Ford called police to complain about being followed by Sun reporter Jenny Yuen and a CTV cameraman. Police weren't able to file any charges in either case, so they reminded the reporters to "drive safely." Later in the afternoon Ford almost got into a physical altercation with a reporter:

Then, on Saturday afternoon, he grabbed the coat of a Sun reporter in the parking garage of City Hall.

“Don’t touch,” reporter Terry Davidson said, to which Ford released his grip and asked the group of media to leave.

Ford's patience with the press is clearly waning in the wake of the reignited crack scandal. This wasn't the first time he tussled with reporters over the last few days, as displayed in the clip above from The Rachel Maddow Show

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But the mayor might get some relief soon. He'll appear on his weekly radio show Sunday afternoon beside his faithful brother, fellow city councillor Doug Ford, where he's expected to address the crack allegations in greater detail. Ford held with Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly for a secret meeting at City Hall on Saturday. The deputy mayor was expected to relay concerns from Ford's close allies about the crack scandal. "The conclusion of our conversation will be announced by the mayor on his (radio) show" Kelly told reporters afterwards. So far Ford has resisted calls to resign or take a leave of absence.

Tomorrow should be fun.

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