Globetrotting John McAfee Accused of Stalking in Portland, Moves to Montreal

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In the further wacky adventures of John McAfee, Eccentric Millionaire, our hero has been accused of stalking his apartment building's assistant manager and claims he now lives in Montreal. Your turn, Canada!

Earlier today, the Oregonian discovered that McAfee was evicted from his Portland apartment and that the manager of that apartment took out a stalking protective order against him on November 18.

The manager, Connor Hyde, submitted three emails from McAfee in which the 68-year-old accused Hyde of being involved in a conspiracy to "collect" him and appeared to threaten to harm him in retaliation.

For instance, here's what McAfee wrote in response to Hyde's (really quite friendly) email about his rent being 21 days past due:

Your answer will be in the newspapers later this week. I hope you are prepared to explain what happened to the surveillance tapes the night that your acquaintances attempted to collect me. I saw the video if [sic] you and your sidekick entering the video room at 7:26 in the morning after the failed attempt. What do you think the real police will make of it? I hope you have have [sic] a safe to run to.

In another email several weeks later, McAfee wrote that he is seeing to it that the people "at the top of conspiracy" (including the family of Greg Faull, in whose murder McAfee is considered a person of interest by the Belize authorities ) will be "dealt with" either through the police or by McAfee personally.

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Hyde says he fears for his safety because McAfee "employs bodyguards from a 'motorcycle club' that are often armed" and "has a well-publicized history of erratic behavior, drug abuse, and access to weapons." Hyde also repeatedly insists that he is not involved in any conspiracy against McAfee. Doth he protest too much? Probably not.

McAfee later told the Oregonian "it's a contentious issue" but "I certainly never threatened anybody, except with threats of lawsuits." While he wouldn't comment on that whole conspiracy accusation thing, he did confirm that he broke the lease -- but only because Hyde entered it without his permission. He told the AP that Hyde "gave keys out to all of his friends, and friends of friends ... People were partying in vacant condos. It's turned into a nightmare ever since the new owners purchased the building four months ago."

Oh, and McAfee also confirmed that he employs bodyguards who are in motorcycle gangs, because "I prefer people who are streetwise."

This brings McAfee's Portland chapter to a close. He moved there in January, supposedly to work on a graphic novel. He also went to strip clubs with PandoDaily reporters. Apparently this wore thin after a while; according to McAfee, he left the Rose City for Montreal in September. What's he up to there? That's anyone's guess, but he has been working with a Montreal-based film company on a documentary about himself.

Weirdly (as if there's any other adverb to use in stories about this guy), despite telling Reuters as recently as two weeks ago that he "will not go to Belize," McAfee told the Oregonian he went there this month for "personal business" -- something he also wrote in one of the emails he sent to Hyde.


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