An Australian Family Just Took the Christmas Light World Record Away From Us

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Something's wrong: A family in another country has the world record in conspicuous consumption and light pollution.

Yes, surprisingly enough, David and Janean Richards live in Forrest, Australia (which is not in America) with their three children, over 500,000 Christmas lights and, as of today, one Guinness World Record for Christmas lights on a residential property.

The Richards actually had the record back in 2011 with a piddly 331,038 lights. America's Gay family then took the record in 2012 with 346,283 lights.

This year, the Richards decided to make damn sure their record stayed around for a while, and covered their house with 502,165 lights on 31 miles of wire.

As David told the Canberra Times: "They didn't break it by very much ... I thought 500,000 was a nice, round number so I decided to go all out because I may never do it again.''

Sure enough, according to the Gay family's website, there are only 392,887 lights on their house this year, putting our entire nation to shame.

The Richards purchased the lights (and won't say how much they spent on them) while the power company is paying the bill of about $2,300.

Seventy thousand people showed up to see the lights in 2011, donating $70,570. David said he hopes to bring that up to $91,650 this year. The money will go to SIDS charities. If you'd like to go see the lights in person, just walk towards the pillar of light shining up into the sky until you get to their house.

According to the AP, some of Richards' neighbors haven't spoken to him since he set the first record two years ago.

(To see the record-setting lights, check out the Canberra Times gallery here)

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