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North Korea either didn't get or decided to ignore the memo outlining just how thoroughly mired the U.S. is in its own problems right now: the dictatorship issued another round of threats against the U.S. on Tuesday local time, promising "disastrous consequences" for the movement of some U.S. ships into a South Korean port.

Here's the statement, from North Korea's official news agency: 

"In this connection, the units of all services and army corps level of the Korean People's Army received an emergency order from its supreme command to reexamine the operation plans already ratified by it and keep themselves fully ready to promptly launch operations any time. The U.S. will be wholly accountable for the unexpected horrible disaster to be met by its imperialist aggression forces' nuclear strike means." 

The American ships in question include an aircraft carrier. And North Korea's real concern isn't the ships themselves so much as it is a planned joint military drill between the U.S., Japan, and South Korea this week. Meanwhile, it looks like North Korea has already restarted a nuclear reactor in response to perceived U.S. and South Korean actions against the country — but even if its able to produce a nuclear weapon, it would take several years to make one.

North Korea has another big project going right now, the construction of its first ski resort. And Kim Jong Un's government have also issued threats in relation to the ski resort project, said to be a personal priority of Kim's. When Switzerland refused to sell the country ski lifts because of sanctions on luxury goods, North Korea claimed that the act was a "serious human rights abuse."

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