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Eight have died and 79 are injured after an apparently out-of-control monster tuck slammed into a crowd of spectators just outside of Chihuahua, Mexico on Saturday. The driver, now detained, could face manslaughter charges. 

Four of the dead are children. 28 people remain hospitalized. The monster truck demonstration was part of a 3-day "extreme Aeroshow," cancelled early after the deadly incident. And based on a video of the incident taken by a spectator, it looks like officials have some questions to answer about the basic safety precautions at the event. The crowd watching the monster truck show are shown standing in a circle around the dirt performance area, without any sort of safety barrier. When the truck makes a higher-speed pass over an obstacle, it looks like the vehicle goes out of control — some witnesses said that it looked like the driver hit his head on the roof of the car. That was also the driver's explanation in a statement. With no barriers and little room between the crowd and the truck, there's little anyone could do to prevent the horrifying scene that follows: 

As the Associated Press explains, the local government of Chihuahua will have to answer some of those questions, too — state Gov. Cesar Duarte Juarez's administration was a sponsor of the show. Juarez said officials are already investigating the safety precautions at the show, along with the cause of the crash, which could also have been due to "mechanical failure." The AP notes that the incident may have provoked a firebombing of several vehicles, including monster trucks participating in a separate demonstration, in a nearby hotel parking lot. 

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