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Who knew Russian president Vladimir Putin was the modern day Pablo Picasso of our time? Putin showed his sensitive side to some school children during a recent visit. Truth be told, his artistic ability is more in line with Calvin, from Calvin and Hobbes, than a luminary like Picasso or Rembrandt. But, never the less, Putin showed a classroom full of children and reporters what he could do on Sunday when he graced them with a lovely portrait of... a cat's butt. 

The Russian leader, at odds with the U.S. right now over plans to attack longtime-Russian ally Syria over that country's use of chemical weapons, was making a routine visit to Middle School No. 7 in the Siberian Kurgan Region on Monday to celebrate the first day of the new school year. The school that recently received federal money to upgrade their equipment and repair their facilities. This English report from RIA Novosti fills in the rest: 

Putin took an interest in an interactive whiteboard in the school’s IT department, and after learning it could be written on simply using a finger, he sketched an image that was not immediately recognizeable to everyone. “This is for you to remember,” he told the students.

When one asked what the doodle was, Putin answered with a smile, “It’s a cat - from the back.”

Here's video of Putin's work, per RT:

The RIA Novosti report connects Putin's feline portraiture to similar paintings from former U.S. president George W. Bush. Bush may or may not have entered a cat period in his latest leaked masterpieces. 

Not to leave out any Putin-related news, he also went on a field trip to an aquarium on Sunday where he high-fived a walrus. "Vladimir Putin is basically the Newt Gingrich of Russia," Talking Points Memo's Hunter Walker said on Twitter. Newt Gingrich, like Putin, also enjoys animals. 

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