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Protests erupted in the Khartoum region of Sudan this week after the government lifted subsidies on gas prices, doubling the price. The protests involved the destruction of vehicles and gas stations, as well as rock throwing and roadblocking.

The government has responded, according to a government statement quoted by The New York Times says, "with an iron fist." Officials say that 29 people—some protesters, some police officers—have died in the hostilities (protesters put that number closer to 100), and at least 35 people have been arrested. Government forces are using live ammunition as well as tear gas to subdue protesters.

As violence escalated, Internet access shut down on Wednesday, and depending on who you ask, it was either because protesters damaged an ISP or to prevent news of the riots from spreading. By Thursday night, about 24 hours later, it had been restored

The protests have had an adverse toll on other areas. One public transit conductor in the city of Omdurman said that only about an eighth of the city's fleet of minivan drivers showed up for work. The price of transporting goods is set to increase drastically if it has not already.

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