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So videos emerged late Friday night of Rob Ford, still the mayor of Toronto, embarrassing himself but not in the way you're expecting, unfortunately. Ford was caught wandering the streets of Canada's biggest city alone, perhaps a little tipsy during a street festival. 

Two videos showing Ford interacting with his constituents during Toronto's Taste of Danforth Street festival was uploaded to Youtube Friday night. In the video above, Ford plainly states his desire to party with a group of young people getting their pictures taken with the mayor. In the other video, below, Ford insists he's not driving tonight to no one in particular.

Toronto Now tracked down the video's uploader, a Toronto student named Mala, who said there was "a little bit of slurring" to the mayor's speech, and that Ford showed up alone in his trademark black SUV. Eventually the mayor's staff showed up en masse but still couldn't reel Ford in. "When they arrived they seemed very concerned," Mala told the Sun. "It just looked like they couldn't' control him. He wanted to go, so everybody went with him."

This would be acceptable behavior for a politician -- hey, we all get a little wet behind the ears sometimes -- but Ford's leash is shorter than most. This is the mayor who has a history of getting loaded and embarrassing in public. Ford was thrown out of a military gala last year allegedly for being intoxicated. He also got into a confrontation of sorts after chewing out a woman at a Maple Leafs hockey game a few years ago. Oh, yeah, and don't forget the whole (alleged!) fan-fiction inspiring crack video scandal, too. 

Once the video started gaining steam online, and gain steam it did, it was clearly another low moment for Ford and the city. (And his poor, depleted staff, too.) "Rob Ford, livening up my old neighbourhood," said National Post scribe Bruce Arthur. "Can someone make out what he's saying," asked Toronto Star reporter Robyn Doolittle. "Rob Ford, continuing embarrassment," said writer Sarah Weinman. Perhaps investigative reporter Tim Bousquet had the only suitable response to the video: "Oh Rob Ford." That's really all you can say at this point. 

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