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Two years after being overthrown by a revolution, former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was released from prison — and he seems pretty pleased about it. In a dramatic "escape" earlier today, a helicopter landed in the courtyard of the jail where he was being held and airlifted Mubarak to a military hospital where he will remain for the time being.

However, the first post-prison images of the deposed leader have a lot people wondering just how necessary this hospital stay is. Even though the 85-year-old is reported to be in failing health and is being wheeled everywhere in public on a gurney, there are no tubes or machines attached to him, and no doctors fighting to keep him alive. In fact, he looks more like a playful retiree enjoying a nice beach chair in Boca Raton.

Images can be deceiving of course, but the knees-up, hands-behind-the-head posture is not one usually see from somebody on death's door. Although, being released from prison on a technicality after previously being given a life sentence can do wonders for your stress and depression levels.

Mubarak is technically still under house arrest and still facing charges that he incited violence and murder of protesters during the 2011 revolution. But for now he'll simply be recovering in hospital bed, while his country continue to battle over the legacy he left behind.

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