New 'Information' Revives Princess Diana Conspiracy Theories

A healthy gust of wind just filled the sails of H.M.S. Princess Diana Was Murdered: Scotland Yard has new information pertaining to her death. 

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A healthy gust of wind just filled the sails of H.M.S. Princess Diana Conspiracy Theories: Scotland Yard has new information pertaining to her death, and that information may or may not allege that the late Princess of Wales was murdered by a member of the British military. In any case, the reports are already opening the door to a comeback for the long-discredited theory that Prince Philip ordered a hit on Princess Diana.

First, here's the actual statement from police over what's going on right now:

The Metropolitan Police Service is scoping information that has recently been received in relation to the deaths and assessing its relevance and credibility. The assessment will be carried out by officers from the specialist crime and operations command. This is not a re-investigation and does not come under Operation Paget.

Operation Paget is a reference to a 2006 investigation and report that debunked pretty much every conspiracy theory surrounding Diana's death. It's based on an allegation by Dodi Al Fayed's dad Mohamed, who alleged that he knew of a plot to kill his son and Diana, and that the 1997 crash in Paris that killed them both (along with the driver, who was ultimately determined to be at fault) was the successful implementation of that plot. Specifically, Al Fayed alleged that the "Establishment," led by Prince Philip, ordered and orchestrated the murder of Diana and his son using "security services." Why? Here's the Paget report, explaining:

The alleged motive was that the Princess of Wales was pregnant with Dodi Al Fayed’s child and there was to be an imminent announcement of their engagement. It is suggested by Mohamed Al Fayed that the Royal Family ‘could not accept that an Egyptian Muslim could eventually be the stepfather of the future King of England’.

Based on Al Fayed's account, Prince Philip knew about Diana's plans to marry and have Dodi's kid because her phones were being tapped by MI6, the CIA and the NSA. As is evidenced by the 830-page report debunking it, the theory is complex and with a lot of moving parts. It's just one of many investigations into Diana's death, all of which lend little support to the conspiracy theories laid out — both a French and a British inquest blamed the driver, while the British inquest also said the overly aggressive paparazzi were a factor in the crash. So how'd we get from the police statement today on "new information" that doesn't pertain to Operation Paget to this?

Some of the information is coming from anonymous sources, speaking to Sky News. According to Sky, the claim comes from the parents-in-law of a former British soldier. The British news channel said:

We understand this information includes an allegation that Princess Diana and Dodi al Fayed and the driver of their car were killed by a member of the British military. The information we're told was passed to Scotland Yard quite recently. It also includes, we understand, references to something known as Diana's diary.

And while it's not leading to a new investigation into Diana's death right now, the report says, maybe it could. All that as the anniversary of her death approaches at the end of the month, and just after the trailer was released for a new biopic on the late Princess, focusing on her love affair with Hasnat Khan.

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