The World Is Rooting for an Edward Snowden-Anna Chapman Romance

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The only problem with the fascinating sexy spy story of Anna Chapman was that there was little evidence she had sexily used sex to seduce any American spies and deliver actionable intelligence for Russia. And then NSA leaker Edward Snowden got stranded in the Moscow airport.

"Snowden, will you marry me?!" Chapman tweeted this week. The whole world realized the potential for Snowden to complete Chapman's James Bond story. When The Wall Street Journal asked Chapman if she was serious, she responded, "you are welcome to use your imagination." The Taiwanese animators at NMA clearly hope she was serious, too, and on Friday imagined Chapman's daring spy movie-style rescue of Snowden from his airport-bound limbo. The animated Snowden and Chapman kiss while floating in the ocean next to a burning Obama "Change" oil tanker.

The Russian news site RIA Novosti, meanwhile, took the question of a Snowden-Chapman marriage very seriously. It seems the two cannot get married while Snowden remains trapped in the airport. The consular office at the Sheremetyevo airport "is not responsible for registering marriages." Snowden would need documents like his passport, which the U.S. has revoked. It seems the NMA option is the only one Chapman has.

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