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The protests against Mohammad Morsi's government in Cairo are the largest ever in the country's history — even bigger than the massive protests two years ago that ousted Hosni Mubarak. Millions of people took to the streets on Sunday, which was really something, and the protests continued on Monday. The Egyptian military gave the Morsi government 48 hours to respond to the people — but insisted its policy opposes cops. The protests are even more spectacular at night. In the GIF at right, taken from Al Jazeera's coverage of the protests, you can see how big it is. You can also see the green pen lasers, which were pointed at the windows of Muslim Brotherhood offices before they were ransacked. Protesters chanted "Leave!" Here are some photos of the enormous crowds — and from the people inside them. Remarkably, many people are smiling.

Nouraradwan says, "33 million people standing there all day all night waiting for morsi to step down ...unbelieve Guys good job god blesses you all..never saw them smiling Till now i can see the happiness in their eyes."

Another view of the massive crowd:

(Photo by Reuters.)

By linaezzat:

Posted by nohamaged — note her T-shirt says "Please Be Happy":

A protester holds up both a Christian cross and a Koran:

(Photo by Reuters.)

Helicopters flew above with the Egyptian flag hanging underneath, by peteribrahim90:

Another view of the helicopters:

(Photo by the Associated Press.)

Protesters chanted outside of the presidential palace on Monday:

And Morsi supporters rallied in Nasser City, in Cairo:

(Photos by Associated Press.)

By roufa21:

Some graffiti, captured by youssefnasser:

And an anti-Morsi sign:

As in Turkey's Taksim Square, the Anonymous mask makes an appearance:

Snacks, posted by ahmedsalehhh:

More snacks: From a rough Google Translate, I think this is roasted corn:


Tahrir Square:

(Photos by Reuters.)

A rough Google Translate of the caption written by Latifa Al-Tunisia suggests this elderly couple is important in the Egyptian art world — any help in the comments would be much appreciated.

A USA baseball cap makes an appearance — by heyitsdinaa:

This photo went viral on Tumblr and Instagram.

Stills from TV coverage:

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