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Sometimes being the Pope takes you to strange places and requires you to bless strange things. Like Sunday, for instance, when Pope Francis blessed thousands of Harley Davidson motorcycles and their riders visiting the Vatican for the bike's 110th anniversary. Motors roared and leather reigned during the Pope's usual Sunday mass. The Pope cruised through the unusual crowd in his open-top jeep and eventually mingled with the bikers. The bikers were in town for a four-day celebration for the company's anniversary. Yesterday there was a parade. Today they took in mass. Bikers go to church, too, you know. Not all of them are Hell's Angels. 

Harley-Davidson also gave him a sweet leather jacket and two bikes: 

By our count, this is Pope Francis' first absurd meeting with people since he took over from Pope Benedict. The previous Pope was taken with things like cats and the circus. But Francis' is clearly cooler than him, with his new bent for leather

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