Three Ugly Males Seek Ugly Female: Must Want Kids, Desire to Save Species

Fertile lovers a plus, gills a must and relocation fees included — only other Mangarahara cichlids or Ptychochromis Insolitus, need apply. 

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The Zoological Society of London has a problem: there are only three known Mangarahara cichlids, arguably the world's ugliest fish, left in the world after dams in Madagascar, as The Guardian reports, dried up their natural habitat, and all three are male. The ZSL has two of them, both are 12 years old and they're looking for mates.

What that all means is that unless a female Mangarahara cichlid is found soon (hopefully living it up in someone's private aquarium), this species is going to go extinct. Which is why the ZSL is looking for these traits:

  • Fertile lovers.
  • Lovers must be thick-skinned. The fish are described as "gorgeously ugly" and that's from the people who are paid to take care of them. 
  • Germans not preferred. "There had been a female in captivity at the German zoo but attempts to breed ended in disaster when the male killed her," reads the BBC's report.
  • Silver-coloring and orange-tipped tails are a turn-on
  • Relocation fees or nice vacation to London—negotiable.
  • Again, only other Mangarahara cichlids or Ptychochromis Insolitus need apply.

If interested email the ZSL and the two bachelors at

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